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🌱SOLDE ECOLOGIE -30% sur les produits avec emballage plastique

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Quantity / Volume : 60 capsules

Ingredients : Organic Baobab

Main benefits: The fruit powder of the baobab allows a general fitness cure or during a period of convalescence. It acts on the intestinal transit disorders.

Use: Daily recommended dosage is 4 capsules per day.

Naturally rich in: 

  • Vitamin C (it contains 3 times more than a kiwi!), Recognized for its strong antioxidant and its multiple functions within the body (immune system, collagen synthesis, improved absorption of dietary iron ...)
  • Potassium (it contains 6 times more than a banana!), Necessary to maintain the balance of sodium / potassium and therefore blood pressure.
  • Soluble and insoluble fibers that allow a rebalancing of the intestinal flora, and the return to an optimal functioning of the transit.
  • Manganese which plays an important antioxidant role.
  • Calcium (it contains 2 times more than milk!), Which also intervenes in various ways in the balance of functions (framework, dentition, blood coagulation, muscle contraction, nerve conduction ...)

Also a good source of: 

  • Iron that plays a vital role in the transport of oxygen and the formation of red blood cells.
  • Vitamin A that ensures good vision and promotes bone growth.
  • Phosphorus which is one of the components of cell membranes and allows the phosphocalcic balance of the body.
  • Chromatography also shows the presence of beta-sitosterol, a compound of the phytosterol family that in the gut competes with cholesterol and reduces its passage through the blood. The cholesterol is then eliminated in the stool and its blood level decreases.

Per capsule (mg)  Pe 4 capsules (mg)
Baobab 165 660 

The little story of Baobab...

Africans call it the pharmacist's tree because baobab plays a very important role in traditional medicine, and almost all parts of the tree (fruit, pulp, leaves ...) have a therapeutic function. It is at the same time a febrifuge, an analgesic, an anti-diarrhea. It is even used to treat people with smallpox and measles.

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